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  • The move to digital has gone waaaay overboard. We all need to be thinking integrated. So we can drive real eyeballs on line. Vs simply starting from digital. – Marketing professional
  • Why am I here? Am I a pawn in your game? – Not a part of the industry
  • Strongly prefer printed media... I always ignore any digital ads or pop-ups. – Not a part of the industry
  • I am also a troll. Sorry
    – A Bot
  • SCAM, online digital media doesn't work, too many ifs. It needs to be regulated and kept to a standard like every other industry. – Ad agency professional
  • I think the tulip bubble just popped. Great work friends. – Ad agency professional
  • Biggest buzzword now is "Personalization"- Data helps a lot in breaking the media noise and be heard amidst all the media clutter – Ad agency professional
  • It caught My eye, I am impressed. Keep doing what you're doing! – Not a part of the industry
  • As a bot, this is bad for business. – A Bot
  • the real deal – Media planner/buyer
  • Thanks so much for this. Important stuff. – Ad agency professional
  • It's a critical element in any marketing campaign. – Ad agency professional
  • Can be amazing if deployed creatively, like all media. But rarely are, sadly. – Ad agency professional
  • Digital Advertising (online) is terrible. Pre-roll is especially annoying. I love my adblocker. #sorrynotsorry – Media planner/buyer
  • Total agree the way forward for Out of Home industry to grow is through digital platform.
    – Ad agency professional
  • Great initiative! – Media planner/buyer
  • As You start deepdiving, You start loosing confidence On what the industry standard Gives for granted. – Ad agency professional
  • This is my source of money – Marketing professional
  • Complicated, difficult to translate into real metrics that actually target your audience and define the value of an impression. – Marketing professional
  • Digital is attractive, impactful, flexible and efficient! – Marketing professional
  • Love the campaign! I work in DOOH and this was a fantastic example of OOH at play. – Ad agency professional
  • Bleep blorp bloop – A Bot
  • I think digital has been way overhyped and almost always underperforms in regards to expectations. Organic social media is dead. Content marketing has reached a saturation point. Native advertising is just another name for advertorials - which don't work - especially when they're deceptive. Fraud is rampant. 99% of digital marketing is bottom of the funnel direct response dreck. It is absolutely the worst medium to work in creatively - there are too many size specs and all are either too small to do anything meaningful or too disruptive and annoying to be welcome. Imagine if Coke had to build its brand on nothing more than classified ads - that's what we're dealing with on the Internet. Until technologies and platforms create better and more consistent specs for ad placements and agencies start producing more creative, interesting, entertaining and/or useful ads, people will continue to adopt ad blockers. Don't believe the hype traditional advertising, right now, delivers a bigger bang for your bucks. Period. – Ad agency professional
  • beep boop – A Bot
  • LOVE IT – Ad agency professional
  • no more banners! – Ad agency professional
  • Billboards rock! – Marketing professional
  • I'm trying to reduce my clients dependence on digital. – Media planner/buyer
  • It has its place. However, the challenge is how real are these impressions and how to convert them to actual value for my clients. – Ad agency professional
  • 100% bot free – Not a part of the industry
  • Wanamaker was probably wrong: more than half is wasted and I don't know which part is working. Digital is better than TV because you can see what actions it prompts, but it's still pretty weak. Make your product better! That's feeling the real! – Marketing professional
  • Oversaturation is becoming an issue - consumers are hit w/so many message, so often, and they're getting better at tuning those messages out. The tangibility and heightened physical experiences of OOH is what I think sets it apart. – Media planner/buyer
  • Wow!! Totally agreed – Media planner/buyer
  • It is all garbage and a scam.
    The purpose of analytics isn't to help serve better advertising to the end consumer but is in itself just a form of advertising directed at ME.
    – Media planner/buyer
  • it's super efficient! – Ad agency professional
  • just a teenager! – Not a part of the industry
  • Agencies deny the real problems with the medium because they are minting money from selling it to their clients with exorbitant mark-ups. – Media planner/buyer
  • Digital media is overhyped and oversold; no amount of media or marketing can solve what is fundamentally a product problem. – Marketing professional
  • I think agencies have bought into digital because it's easy for agencies to plan and place. The clients aren't sophisticated enough to call BS on agency digital-speak, so clients sign off on it while the agencies get away with putting much less work into placing digital campaigns. The creative work is easier, the planning and buying is easier because the numbers are fake, so they can make up anything, and the clients don't seem to care that they are throwing at least 1/3rd of their budget into the toilet. Add in the waste in paying the agency fees, and it's far more than 1/3rd of their budget wasted. – Ad agency professional
  • Pretty awesome! Keep up the great work!! – Ad agency professional
  • I'm sick of pop ups and ads in
    the media. Sometimes articles that should be news are ads themselves. I always got ad blocker enabled unless it supports my favorite youtubers. But I hate having to look at all the extra ads around it.
    – Not a part of the industry
  • Amazing :) – Marketing professional
  • I love digital media!!! – Not a part of the industry
  • Trendy but brings a lot of questions in to place regarding how much media is really being viewed by real people. – Marketing professional
  • It compliments traditional OOH where there is no traditional OOH available. – Media planner/buyer